Tip Line

The Osage County Sheriff’s Department has added a way for you to assist your community in crime prevention. Anyone with information of criminal activity or information that may assist in solving a crime is encouraged to contact the Osage County Sheriff’s Department by emailing your tip to ocsdtips@yahoo.com . You may also contact the Sheriff’s Department by calling 1-573-897-3927.  If you call after hours please leave detailed information of the crime you are wanting to report.

This is a tip line, all other calls should be placed with the Osage County 911 Communications Center so that they may be properly dispatched to local law enforcement.

As of today August 31,2011 if you have any tips or information you would like to report to the Osage County Sheriff’s Department our new tip hotline number is as follows   1-573-897-9936 .   I would like to thank everyone who has been calling in tips or dropping by the office to share your information. By working together I believe we can make our county a safer place.