Circuit Clerk


CIRCUIT CLERK – Charlene J. Eisterhold

20th Judicial Circuit

P. O. Box 825

Linn, MO 65051

Phone: 573-897-3114

Fax: 573-897-4075


Office Hours: M – F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Judicial Staff:

Robert D. Schollmeyer – Div III – Associate Circuit Judge

Gael D. Wood – Div I – Presiding Judge

I. I. Lamke – Div II – Circuit Judge

Susan Fowler – Probate Clerk

Mary Muenks – Deputy Clerk

Viky White – Deputy Clerk


For Legal Aid call Mid-Missouri Legal Services Corp:

(573) 634-4545 or (888) 476-4545 (9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.) Monday – Friday.

Fax (573) 634-2973 Email:


To check status of a court case go to:

           Case Net

Self Representing Yourself:  to assist yourself in court proceedings go to:


For court forms of all types of to the following link and click on Court Forms on the right side.


FCC:  Information on traffic ticket payment through FCC:




Check status of child support payments:

          Child Support Enforcement

For assistance  in collection of back due child support payments:

  Download the following application:

Mail completed application to:

  Child Support Enforcement

  1111 Kingshighway, Suite D

  Rolla, MO  65401-2922

For paternity/establishment/modification issues call:  1-573-368-2250.

For support order enforcement issues call: 1-866-313-9960.


Financial assistance to victims who have suffered physical harm from a violent crime:



** Note:  If you have not plead guilty to your charge please call the Circuit Clerk’s office at 573-897-3114 before you make a payment on-line.

If you have already plead guilty or already have costs and/or fines assessed against you, please CLICK on the link below to make an on-line payment.  For a REFERENCE NUMBER – please enter your NAME and Ticket Number/Case Number.