Meeting Audio Updates

Click below for the latest audio updates of the County Commission Meetings. These recordings are not the official minutes kept by the County Clerk and have not been altered or edited in any way. Due to this fact, you will notice there are at times extended periods of silence, during such times, commissioners or others present in the room are reviewing minutes from previous meetings, approving bills or examining other documents related to county business. Periods of silence are not an indication of any edited portion of the recording.

This site will continue to provide audio recordings of the county commission meetings. These files will be available for those who are interested in learning more about what is discussed in these meetings. The elected officials supporting this site have chosen to do this an effort to ensure the citizens of Osage County clearly understand what the County Commission is planning and to ensure their constituents stay informed.

If you are unable to listen to these recordings on your computer, it may be necessary for you to download Windows Media Player. You can do this by copying the following link and pasting it in your current internet browser:

You will find the latest county commission audio updates here.