May 02, 2017

County Commission


   Osage County Commission Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Presiding Commissioner Dudenhoeffer at 8:30 AM.

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

District 1 Commissioner John Glavin present.

District 2 Commissioner Larry Kliethermes was present.

County Clerk Patrick Steele on duty.

Media was represented by Jerri Voss.

Present for all or part of the meeting were: Jerry Bryan, Randy Atkin, Andi Rice, Sheriff Bonham, Jake Dorge.

Approval of the Agenda:  Agenda was approved.

Minutes:  Minutes of Combined Meeting of April 25 and 27, 2017 were submitted and approved. 

Bills and Communications:

Invoices totaling $60,438.95 were submitted for review and approved for payment.

Legislative Report for week of April 28, 2017 was provided to Commissioners.

Copies of the Press Release from Missouri Farmers Care approval of Osage County as an agri-ready county was provided.

Ameren Missouri provided a notice that the company would be doing tree trimming in the area.

MAC Trust will switch to Corporate Claims Management, CCMI for administrative services as of 7/1/2017.


Partner Readiness Evaluation Program (PREP) at 9 AM on 5/11/2017


Old Business:

Road and Bridge Items.

Randy Atkin talked about the Disaster Process and documentation because of the Disaster Declaration.  R&B has a formalized process for documentation that is contained in a notebook which can be copied and provided to FEMA/SEMA.  The documentation is done as it happens.  He also commented that repairs are being made to prevent further damage in the future.  He has noted that repairs done that way have not suffered additional damage in this flooding event.

Plan for County Roads:  Not discussed

Website:  No problems.


Luebbering Law Suit: No new information.

2017 Tax Support Committee: No new information.

Westphalia Road Issue:  No new information.

Agricultural Ready County Program Application:  Press Release received.

Health Care Consortium Statewide:

Senior Citizen Award Nomination: A proclamation will be presented here to Lucy Brenner on 5/9/2017.

New BRO Project, CR 531: Have not heard from Kelly Wilson of MoDOT yet.

Rehagen Heating and Cooling: Jake Dorge brought in the quote for water softener system for the Courthouse from Echo Water.  No action was taken

Prescription Monitoring Ordinance: To be acted upon at the May 9, 2017 meeting.




New Business: 



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Department Reports:

The Sheriff’s Report for April was received without the Jail Count.  It will be added to the report.

Sheriff Bonham reported that there would be added cost for staff because of flood coverage.  This flood event will endure for several days, with more rain forecast. Sheriff Bonham agreed to make arrangements for the Commissioners to get the opportunity to view the flood when flying in the small airplane. He also reported that he had gotten a 10’ by 16’ storage shed with a loft for $1,000.00 from Classic Buildings that will also reinforce the loft and add shelving.


Andi Rice said that flooding was extensive in the County.  She had trouble identifying locations because of the extent of the flood as she viewed the damage from the air.  She asked what could be done to stop increasing damage from flooding events.  Extensive development in the main cause and loss of drainage because of roads, buildings, and parking lots makes it worse.  Insurance that continues to fund rehabilitation in the flood plain also adds to the damage cost.

            She reported that the Gasconade River would crest at a record 37.9-foot level.  She also reported that the City of Chamois was seeking sand bags because of the call for additional rain.  She reported that she had taken one of the offers from ATT which would reduce her monthly bill to $245.00 and taxes, and provide her with a tablet. Andi Rice pulled one of the bills that had been submitted for payment of insurance for her volunteers because she was trying get a lower cost. Andi Rice also had the Commissioners sign a birthday letter to two employees.

Public Comments: 



Presiding Commissioner Dudenhoeffer also reported that 911 had also taken rooms at the motel for dispatch staff because of the flooding.




With no further business, Commissioner Glavin made the motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Commissioner Kliethermes.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:46 A.M.












Dave Dudenhoeffer    

Presiding Commissioner










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