March 30, 2017

County Commission


   Osage County Commission Meeting Minutes

March 30, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Presiding Commissioner Dudenhoeffer at 8:30 AM.

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

District 1 Commissioner John Glavin present.

District 2 Commissioner Larry Kliethermes was present.

County Clerk Patrick Steele on duty.

Media was represented by Jerri Voss.

Present for all or part of the meeting were: Jerry Bryan, Randy Atkin, Travis Rehagen and Cory Dorge from Rehagen Heating and Cooling, Sheriff Bonham, Chaplain Bauder, and Andi Rice.

Approval of the Agenda: Approved.

Minutes:  Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 6, 2017 were not prepared for review.

Bills and Communications:

Checks for approved invoices were signed and ready for disbursement.

Spotlight on Osage County featured Cindy Brenneke of When Pigs Fly Farm. It was reported that about 100 people a day visit that operation.

MMSWMD Executive Board Meeting, April 12, 2917 at MURR with a lunch at 11:30, meeting, and tour.


There will be a Hazard Mitigation Plan Meeting on April 14, 2017 at 10 AM in EOC.

Old Business:

Road and Bridge Items. R&B crew are compiling information needed for the Long-Range Plan.  They are also doing some asphalt repairs, working to improve the method of patching. One of the trucks backed over some shot rock and the air tank brackets will have to be repaired.

Plan for County Roads: 

Website:  No problems.

Luebbering Law Suit: No new information.

2017 Tax Support Committee: There will be a story in the UD on April 12.  R&B will ask for reports from employees on numbers of culverts and box culverts on each road as the grade them.  This information will be turned in each Monday morning at the start of the week.

Westphalia Road Issue:  Request from Mayor Massman for information on aggregate assessed values for Westphalia. I made copies of the information for her and provided copies to each of you.

Agricultural Ready County Program Application:  County Clerk Steele will contact Corley at MO Farmers Care about the request for a quotation. 

County Road 402 update:  No new information.

Health Care Consortium Statewide:

Bid Packets for Jail Work:  Since no one has picked up a bid packet, Sheriff may solicit proposals. Wire mesh should be installed between layers of wall board, cement board.

New BRO Project, CR 531:     

New Business: 

The team from Rehagen looked over the blue prints and checked over their notes about the situation in the jail with info on the negative air situation in the jail and the issue of return air and problems with hot water in the jail.  They reported that the original design called for an auto monitoring system but that was dropped because of added costs.  They reported that no power was supplied to any of the exhaust fans, and it was not known if lines were run but never attached to the units, or even no lines had been run.  Holes will have to be cut into the ceiling to allow for inspection and evaluation of the exhaust fans and power.  It was also reported that there is no preconditioning of fresh air, especially in winter. Return air ducts need to be supplied to all units.


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There were no breakers found installed for any ventilation equipment. The length of the run for hot water from the heater to the back of the jail is a pretty good distance and to have untreated cold air in the winter time will further reduce the temperature at the point of use. Rehagen’s also indicated that at one time, there was a second hot water heater called for.  Some units were not supplied with cold air return and those units have had to work extra hard.  Cold air returns should be ducted to each hvac appliance.


Holes will have to be made in some ceilings to assess the situation.  It is suggested that the ceiling in Cells B &C be removed to make working in those areas easier.  The water line should be insulated before the ceilings are repaired. 


The Court Room problems are related to the ducts and it is understood that the ceiling should not be destroyed.  Rehagen’s reported that there is now a sound attenuation system that can be installed to correct most of the problems experienced in that area.


The Commissioners discussed this and came to the conclusion, that work needed to be done to avoid major liability from a possible law suit. Commissioner Glavin made the motion to proceed with the recommendations from Rehagen Heating and Cooling to address the air pressure issue and water supply.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Kliethermes and the motion carried with three ayes in the roll call vote.


Department Reports:

Sheriff Bonham reported that his department had been awarded the Electronic Live Scan Grant for $6600.00. He introduced Don Bauder who is a volunteer Chaplain for the Sheriff’s Department.

            Andi Rice again talked about the AT&T proposal for promotional items to offset the proposed increase in costs.  Currently, long distance costs run at .05 cents per minute but will go to .55 per minute with AT&T.  Currently, long distance runs at about $3.00 per month.

            Andi Rice talked about property owners who wished to close a portion of a county road.  Presiding Commissioner had already asked about the process and requested a copy of the forms. Commissioner Glavin

Became very possessive of the project and said that he would give a copy of the published regulations of Missouri and one of our plat books. He agreed to bring them both back to the County.

Public Comments: 




With no further business, Commissioner Glavin made the motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Commissioner Kliethermes.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:08 AM.











Dave Dudenhoeffer    

Presiding Commissioner





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