June 01, 2017

County Commission


Osage County Commission Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Presiding Commissioner Dudenhoeffer at 8:30 AM.

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

District 1 Commissioner John Glavin present.

District 2 Commissioner Larry Kliethermes present.

County Clerk Patrick Steele on duty.

Media was represented by Jerri Voss.

Present for all or part of the meeting were: Andrea Rice, Jerry Bryan and Sheriff Michael Bonham

Approval of the Agenda:  Agenda was approved.

Minutes:  Minutes of meeting of May 30, 2017 were submitted and approved with clarification that the recirculating pump will be installed in the hot water line in an attempt to lower the amount of water used in the jail area.

Bills and Communications:

Spotlight on Osage County, June 1, 2017 “Healing Horses Therapeutic Riding Program” at 140 Eagle Ridge Trail off CR 201 off of HWY 89 Spur at 5 to 6 PM. This will be the last “Spotlight”.

Conflict of Interest Ordinance must be re-adopted by September 15, 2017.

Information on remote monitoring of elevators by Thyssenkrupp was provided to Commissioners for study. Clerk Steele will talk with John Kennedy about this remote monitoring.

Information about the new Voter I D that took effect this morning was provided to the commissioners for their information.

Purple Wave Auction Company will be here on June 12, 2017.  If you have items to sell, contact Andrea Rice.

CERF Representative will be at the Administration Building on June 13, 2017 from 1 to 2:30 on retirement.


Hazardous Mitigation Meeting is set for June 9, 2017at 10 AM.

Partner Readiness Evaluation Program (PREP) has been rescheduled again to June 20, 2017 at 8:30 AM.

Nominations for outstanding citizens for the MRPC Meeting deadline is June 26, 2017.

MRPC Dinner Meeting is scheduled in Salem for October 26, 2017. Details to be provided later.

Old Business:

Road and Bridge Items.

New BRO Project, CR 531:  The Commissioners met with Bartlett and West at BRO B076(15) site on CR 531 at 2:30 PM on Tuesday and discussed the project.  Temporary access will be available across private property if needed during the construction.

Plan for County Roads:  Not discussed.

Website:  No problems.

Luebbering Law Suit: Information was received that trial dates are set for Nov. 6-9, 2017 in Union, MO.

2017 Tax Support Committee: No new information, but brochure needs to be worked on soon.

Westphalia Road Issue:  No new information.

Agricultural Ready County Program Application:  Presiding Commissioner will call them after the meeting.

Health Care Consortium Statewide: County Clerk staff is working on employee list and insurance census information for the new Consortium.

Rehagen Heating and Cooling:

Prescription Monitoring Ordinance: Listed as Ordinance # 012017.

County Compensation Packages Committee:  No new information.

FEMA SEMA Follow-up:  It is still unclear if a disaster has been officially declared for Missouri.


New Business: 


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Departmental Reports:

Andrea Rice provided a new Administration Procedure Manual for Floodplain Management.  She added information about the higher flood elevations for two properties based on the recent Gasconade River high water level changes.

            County Clerk Steele reported that his staff are working on the Budget Amendment so that the process will be completed after his vacation. Appropriate public notices will be run and he Budget Hearing will be scheduled for June 29th at 10 AM.

Clerk Steele also noted that the August Election will only have one ballot type. Ballots will be ordered and necessary public notices will be run, including the start of absentee voting on June 27, 2017.

            Sheriff Mike Bonham reported that there was a major incident in Linn that required use of the SWAT Team from the highway patrol.  Details are not clear but he reported an armed man was on the porch of the house when they arrived.  He told the Commissioners that his JAG grant was not funded this year.  He asked for approval of raising the per diem cost of housing from the current $32.50 to the state level of $37.50. Commissioner Glavin made the motion raise the Osage County per diem from $32.50 to the state permitted level at $37.50 and the motion was seconded by Commissioner Kliethermes.  Motion carried with three ayes in the roll call vote.  Sheriff reported that he had received a $600 grant for additional overtime on Independence Day.

Public Comments: 



MRPC Survey of Emergency Management Notification System in the region will be provided to 911 for completion and return to MRPC.


A copy of a newspaper article reported that the passage of legislation to ban local governments from mandating union working conditions for construction projects has been signed by Gov. Greiten as a way to lower costs for public construction projects.



With no further business, Commissioner Glavin made the motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Commissioner Kliethermes.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:31A.M.  













Dave Dudenhoeffer    

Presiding Commissioner








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