April 20, 2017

County Commission


   Osage County Commission Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Presiding Commissioner Dudenhoeffer at 8:30 AM.

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

District 1 Commissioner John Glavin present.

District 2 Commissioner Larry Kliethermes was present.

County Clerk Patrick Steele on duty.

Media was represented by Jerri Voss.

Present for all or part of the meeting were: Susan Long and Sheriff Bonham.

Approval of the Agenda: Approved.

Minutes:  Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 18, 2017 were submitted and approved. 

Bills and Communications:

RHSOC Region F meeting April 18, 2017 at 1:30 PM at Cole County Fire Station #4. Grants out in June, and SEMA gave an update on next week’s drill.


Presentation of Hasenbeck Resolution at Freeburg, April 20, 2017 with the meeting starting at 7 PM.

Ameren Missouri Emergency Management Drill scheduled for April 25 & 26, 2017.

Old Business:

Road and Bridge Items. Still have not received information on infrastructure from R&B.

Commissioner Kliethermes asked if R&B crew did at one time do chip and seal work and it was reported that they used to do it. Jerri Voss made the comment that it seems that the Commissioners have lost control of Road and Bridge.  Several questions were asked about the work done on CR 402 in Loose Creek and why brush whippers were not in use.  Lack of use of creek gravel was brought up and Commissioner Glavin stated that Randy did not like to use creek gravel.  Commissioner Kliethermes stated that he felt that the Commissioners need to have Randy at a meeting so that they could tell him what needs to be done.

Plan for County Roads:  Not discussed

Website:  No problems.

Luebbering Law Suit: No new information.

2017 Tax Support Committee:

Westphalia Road Issue:  No new information.

Agricultural Ready County Program Application:  No new information.

Health Care Consortium Statewide:

Senior Citizen Award Nomination: A proclamation will be prepared to be read on May 9th honoring Lucy Brenner and Nurses Week.  It will be prepared by the County Clerk for the May 9th, 2017 presentation.

New BRO Project, CR 531: Cost estimate information for new BRO project was included in the current Report of Bridge Inspections, 2017 for Osage County.Commissioner Kliethermes will talk with MoDOT later today. 

Rehagen Heating and Cooling: County Clerk Steele will contact them to check status of work plans.

Hasenbeck Resolution:  Presentation to Freeburg will be made by Commissioner Kliethermes on April 20, 2017.

Prescription Monitoring Ordinance:

New Business: 

Proposal for an ordinance to monitor drug prescription within the County has been primarily accepted by the Commission but they wish to study it further before acting on the ordinance.

Department Reports:

Susan Long explained that the cost of the drug monitoring program was $78.77 a year for the 3 year contract.  She said that would be paid out of her budget. She will e-mail me letters and proclamations to be prepared for the May 9, 2017 presentation.

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Sheriff Mike Bonham reported that his department was preparing to submit the deputy supplemental salary grant application which would need to be signed by Presiding Commissioner.

            He also reported that someone had come into his office and offered to donate $21,000 for the Mossman  Project.  


Public Comments: 



Tim Neuner reminded the Commissioners that Bank Bid Process was needed in May.  There should be a packet of information from the last time and an ad must run three times.  Bids should be opened shortly after the first of June and be awarded by the end of June. Clerk Staff will begin preparations.

            We again received a letter from Osage Community Foundation requesting that we consider investing in their organization. Osage County has not yet been involved with the Community Foundation.

            August 21, 2017 is the solar eclipse and we will be in the direct path of the shadow.  Some communities are making big plans to attract visitors to their area.




With no further business, Commissioner Glavin made the motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Commissioner Kliethermes.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:54 A.M.














Dave Dudenhoeffer    

Presiding Commissioner
















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