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Sign up now to pay your next year’s Osage County Real Estate Taxes on a quarterly basis.

This is a free service offered by Denise M. Nolte, Osage County Collector, for your convenience.

Your payments will be based on the amount you paid for this year’s real estate tax. There will be three equal installments with the fourth and final installment being the balance of the tax due.

Coupons will be mailed to you by February of the next year showing your new installment amount based on the previous year’s tax amount paid. Payments will be made in March, June, September and the final payment due by December 31st.

Your next year’s statement will show the amount that has been prepaid and the balance due. Taxes not paid in full by December 31st will result in late penalties and fees being charged on the full tax amount. Fourth payment must be for the remaining balance only.

We will accept your installment payments in the form of cash, check, or money order. Credit card payments cannot be paid on installment payments. A $25.00 fee will be charged if we are unable to process a payment due to the account being closed or insufficient funds.

Payment plans will be set up for each individual tax bill, and you will receive coupons for each separately. You must have NO delinquent taxes on the tax bills you are wishing to set up on this plan. Each tax bill will have its own payment plan.

You will NOT be required to sign up for the program each year. Once you request to be in the program, you will stay in the program until you notify the office that you no longer want to be in the program.

For additional questions, feel free to contact the Collector’s office at 573-897-2135 or e-mail at doris@osagecollector.com

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