Circuit Clerk

Circuit Clerk



CIRCUIT CLERK – Beth Billington
20th Judicial Circuit
106 East Main Street
P. O. Box 825
Linn, MO 65051
Phone: 573-897-3114
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Judicial Staff:
Honorable Sonya D. Brandt – Div. III – Associate Circuit Judge
Honorable Ryan J. Helfrich - Div. II – Circuit Judge
Honorable Craig Hellmann - Div. I - Presiding Judge
Maryann Jacquin - Deputy Clerk
Viky White – Deputy Clerk
Doris Keilholz  - Deputy Clerk

For Legal Aid call Mid-Missouri Legal Services Corp:
(800) 568-4931
Mid Missouri Legal Services (


To check status of a court case, go to:

 Case Net

Self-Representing Yourself to assist yourself in court proceedings.

For court forms of all types go to the underlined link and click on Court Forms.

To find more information regarding the Osage County Circuit Court
Court Information and thenselect Osage County
Information on traffic ticket payment through Plead and Pay.


Check status of child support payments:

          Child Support Enforcement

For assistance in collection of back due child support payments:

Download the following application:

Mail completed application to:

Family Support Division
P.O. Box 6790
Jefferson City, MO 65102-6790

For support order enforcement issues call: 1-866-313-9960.

Financial assistance to victims who have suffered physical harm from a violent crime.

To find more information regarding the Osage County Circuit Court and thenselect Osage County


Pay your court fees online:
Before making a payment or calling be sure to have your case number and the amount of the ticket.  You cannot make a payment without this information.  You can get this information by calling the Circuit Clerk’s office at 573-897-3114 or by looking for your case number on Case Net.

Pay by Web:
If you have gone to court and are making payments, please use this website to make your payments. Go to: Click on Payments. Follow the online instructions. Under “Select Court” select “20th Judicial Circuit (Franklin, Gasconade and Osage Counties)”.  Enter your case number, select the case and enter the on-screen information.  You may select to either pay by “Electronic Bank Draft (eCheck)” which will be only a flat 50 cent charge.  Or you may select to pay with a “Credit/Debit Card” which will be a $1.25 fee on amounts up to $50.00, $1.75 up to a $75.00 amount, $2.35 up to a $100.00 amount, and 2.35% on any amount over $100.00

Court Money:
If you have not yet plead guilty or have not yet been to court, you must use this web page to pay your fine and costs. Click on “MAKE A PAYMENT” and enter form #137502 then add all the requested information.  At this web site you may only pay by credit/debit card and there is a minimum flat $2.00 fee for any payment up to $50.00. Any payment over $50.00 is a flat 4% fee. To pay by phone please call (1-877-222-4668)

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